dark wolves

About the Artist

I was born and bred in the seaside town of Brighton many moons ago, and began my art studies at the local polytechnic. These studies continued at a college in Carmarthen, Wales specialising in illustration.In the past I have exhibited at the Brighton festival and a gallery in Glastonbury. It was during this time my interest in Paganism took root.I was then lucky enough to work for 6 months as an in house artist for Akasha Art in Perth, Western Australia, where I also produced some private commissions.

As primarily an illustrator my inspirations are varied although I do lean more towards Fantasy Art. My influences include Boris Vallejo, H R Giger, Hieronymus Bosch, HP Lovecraft, Mervyn Peake, Anne McCaffrey, Horror (books and films), and the list goes ever onwards.

Amongst my other interests are, the collecting of skulls, swords and all things macabre. While working, my background music usually consists of the heavier end of the market including (surprsingly) Metallica, Skyclad, Motorhead, and an ever growing collection of Scandinavian Metal, like Suidakra, Sabaton and Svartsot

As you can see from the more recent photograph I think that my increasing researches into all things Cthulhiana are having an unexpected effect.

Well what are you still here for, lets go look at some art.

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